Lubbock Probate Attorneys

Honoring legacies, guiding futures. That is what probate work means to the lawyers at the Beck Law Firm. Navigating the intricate pathways of probate requires both empathy and expertise.

At the crossroads of loss and legacy, our dedicated Lubbock probate attorneys stand ready to guide families and executors through the legal processes. From validating wills to managing complex estate administrations, we are here to ensure that every step honors the wishes and memory of the departed. 

Probate isn't just about legalities—it's about people. Whether it's representing clients in estate disputes, assisting with guardianship matters, or advising on tax implications, we approach each situation with compassion and precision. We aim to simplify complexities, offering clarity and peace of mind during times of transition. 

With offices based in Lubbock, our estate planning lawyers are easily accessible to meet with you, providing personal counsel to secure your future. Call (806) 531-3542 for your consultation. 

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Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Beck Law Firm, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "They Made It Easy"

    The Beck Firm made setting up our wills extremely easy. What should have been a lengthy and intimidating process was made very simple. They were very thorough explaining the process and answering any questions we had.

    - Trevor M.
    "I'll Definitely Be Back"

    The Beck Law Firm is composed of a caring and kind team of legal experts who go above and beyond to understand and resolve your legal concerns. They were knowledgeable, resourceful, and efficient.

    - Former Client
    "They Were Efficient and We Are Happy"

    Good communication all the way through the process. All of our questions were answered quickly and in a way that made a somewhat complicated process easy to understand.

    - Anthony G.
    "Incredible Service"

    I recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney, they take care of business and they are on top of it!

    - Delma D.
    "Worth Every Penny"

    Beck Law Firm helped me get two LLCs set up in no time for a great price. I will definitely be back.

    - Jonathan B.
    "Hands Down the Best"

    Hands down the best law firm... in the state and in Lubbock. I highly recommend coming here for all your legal needs!

    - Elijah S.
    "Excellent Experience"

    This is a great law firm, Kristen Beck helped our family navigate the probate process for our Mom's estate. I highly recommend!

    - Jeannie D.
    "Knowledgeable and Informative"

    Kristen represented me and immediately went to work. We settled out of court. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and informative.

    - David R.

How Can a Lubbock Probate Lawyer Help?

Navigating the probate process can be challenging, filled with legal intricacies and emotional complexities. Engaging the services of a skilled probate lawyer is a strategic decision that can significantly ease the burden during such a sensitive time.

A lawyer focusing on probate matters brings the knowledge to unravel the legal complexities, ensuring a smoother administration of the estate. A lawyer can be an invaluable asset, providing crucial assistance and guidance throughout the probate journey.

Some of the ways a probate attorney can help include:

  • Intestacy: When no will is present, our team expertly guides families through the legal processes, ensuring assets are distributed per state laws.
  • Will Validation: We ensure the wills adhere to legal standards, confirming their validity and providing peace of mind for all involved.
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Probate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 806-531-3542 today!

  • What is probate, and why does it matter?

    Probate is a legal process that ensures the orderly distribution of a deceased person's estate. It matters because it validates the will, pays debts and taxes, and ultimately transfers assets to heirs or beneficiaries. 

  • Is probate always required when someone passes away?

    Not always. Some assets can pass directly to beneficiaries without probate, such as joint bank accounts or assets with designated beneficiaries. However, probate may be necessary for assets solely in the deceased person's name.

  • What happens if there's no will?

    If there's no will (intestate), state laws determine asset distribution. Generally, assets go to close family members, but the specifics vary by jurisdiction. 

  • How long does probate take?

    The duration varies, but it typically takes several months to a year. Complex estates or legal challenges may extend the process.

  • Can I avoid probate through estate planning?

    Yes, certain strategies like establishing living trusts or joint ownership can help bypass probate for specific assets, offering a smoother transfer to heirs.

  • What is the role of an executor?

    An executor is named in the will to oversee the probate process. Their responsibilities include managing assets, paying debts, and ensuring the distribution aligns with the deceased's wishes. 

  • How are debts handled during probate?

    Debts are paid from the deceased person's estate. If there aren't enough assets to cover debts, some creditors may not be fully repaid. 

  • Can I contest a will?

    Yes, under certain circumstances. Common reasons include undue influence, fraud, or lack of mental capacity when creating the will. 

  • Do all assets go through probate?

    No. Assets with named beneficiaries, joint ownership, or held in trusts often bypass probate. Only assets solely in the deceased's name typically go through probate. 

  • How can a probate lawyer help me?

    A probate lawyer can guide you through the legal process, ensure proper documentation, minimize complications, and provide valuable support during a challenging time.